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littlemissraechu started following you


-stares at-

“…you look familiar.”

Um. Hi again! It’s Rae, remember? I have two accounts, but this one is for my writing. Hope you don’t mind me following you. Again.

Goodnight, Storm Guardian~ 

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Chrome Dokuro: raesigns: -unlocks and then opens door- Here we are! Home sweet home....


-unlocks and then opens door- Here we are! Home sweet home. Let me show you the guest room. -guides Chrome down the hallway and opens the door to the guest bedroom- Here’s Gumdrop’s bed, toys, ect. The litter box is in the laundry room. The food and the dishes are in the kitchen….

((Moving the RP from raesigns to little miss raechu))

Seriously, it’s fine. :D I don’t mind at all. Besides, I’ll need your help raising Gumdrop. And…to be honest, when we first met, it seemed like you needed a friend, too. We both did. I’m glad that I met you! I hope we’ll continue to be friends. -watches Gumdrop waddle around the room- Looks like he’s adapting well. :D

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Chrome’s Song [5996]

A little 5996 ficlet! Pretty sure I destroyed both the characters’ personalities, but what the hell, I enjoyed writing this. xD; I hope someone out there likes it, too.


Chrome’s Song

December 5th was just another day to Chrome, even if this particular day was the anniversary of her birth. She didn’t give it much thought and went through her daily routine – eat, shower, go to school and then go home. However, her routine was abruptly shaken when a flustered Hayato grabbed her by the hand and practically dragged her down the barren school hallways. She tried to find the voice to question his intentions, but a part of her was curious as to what this would lead to. They went through the double-doors that led to the auditorium. Chrome was confused, but allowed Hayato to guide her onto the stage. She immediately noticed a grand piano right at the center.

"Um…why are here?"

"J-just sit down and listen, ok?"

"O-ok…" she sat down on the bench beside him, violet eye flickering from the piano keys to his beet-red face.

He raised his hands, heaved a sigh, and then lowered them onto the keys, a melodic sound filling the air and Chrome’s ears. She held her breath as she stared transfixed at his hands dancing masterfully across the keys. Was he playing this for her? She felt her face burn and hoped that he wouldn’t notice – never mind that his blush was just as bright as hers. When it ended, Chrome sneaked at peek at him and then suddenly averted her gaze elsewhere. He was staring so intently…

"I-It was beautiful…you play wonderfully," she offered timidly. "W-what’s the piece called?"

"I haven’t named it yet. I…composed this for you."

Shocked, she turned to look at him, violet eye wide and nerves fraught with anxiety. Wordlessly, she pointed to herself and in response, he chuckled softly, a small smile playing on his lips.

"Yeah. It’s for your birthday."

Chrome covered her mouth and felt the familiar sting of tears filling her eyes. She tried to will them away, but the burning sensation remained. No one had every done this for her before. What was she supposed to say? Thank you didn’t seem appropriate for such a wonderful gift.

"I-I don’t know what to say. I-I…"

"It’s ok. It’s enough to know that you liked it."

"I don’t just like it. I love…i-it," she smiled earnestly, her wariness fading gradually. "I’ll treasure it always. Thank you, Gokudera-san."

He grinned, appearing very pleased. “Want me to play it again?”

"Please do."

And so, as the two guardians sat side by side, Chrome’s song started to fill the air once more.

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Guys, we need more than 2000 signatures on the White House's petition of the E-Parasite/Sopa bill. Please reblog and spread this like wildfire.


Hey guys, I normally wouldn’t reblog something like this, but if this passes, there’s a good chance Tumblr could be blocked from being used by users in the United States.  Which means all but one of its moderators and a large portion of its contributors.

Please sign so we can continue to bitch about our jobs in peace!

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Headcanon / 5996: Basket Case

The cold, hard truth…that you’ll see right to…


Hayato tried not to let it bother him. So Chrome was abandoned by Mukuro, big deal; it was bound to happen at some point. Mukuro was a free man now, and thus, had no more use for Chrome. She should have realized this would happen.

Closing his eyes, he recalled the day she was transferred to his school, how nervous and out of place she looked in the school uniform. At the time, he was surprised to see here there, but when he saw the tears gathering in her eye, it alarmed him. Her sobs echoed in his mind and he felt the familiar anger rising within him.

He ran a hand through his messy hair, trying to once again reign in his temper before it got the better of him. It wasn’t working very well, because he found himself walking across the room, over to her desk, staring into the startled eye of one Chrome Dokuro.

“You’re better off without him.”

Chrome’s eye widened a fraction further at his blunt, straight-forward statement, misting with moisture. Hayato mentally cursed at himself for his lack of tactfulness. Well played, Hayato, well played indeed. Chrome pursed her lips together and averted her gaze to the window, watching the fall scenery. She was withdrawing back into her little shell.

“Oh, no, you’re going to listen to me,” he muttered under his breath before leaning down to grasp her chin between his fingers, re-directing her attention back to him. He ignored the shock on her face and hurried through with his out-of-the-blue ‘pep talk’.

“That bastard doesn’t deserve you OR the title of the Mist Guardian. You did more for the Tenth and Vongola than he did.”

“T-that’s not true!” she exclaimed, startling the Storm Guardian for a moment. “I was only a medium—”

“You really think he’ll come back for you, then?”

The tears gathering in her eye finally fell, streaking down her pale face and onto the desk. He felt her lips tremble beneath his fingertips. He knew he was being harsh, but she needed to hear the truth, no matter how cold and cruel it was.

“He abandoned you,” he stressed out, voice dropping to a harsh whisper, “He abandoned the Mist Guardian title. He has no more use for you.”

“Gokudera-san, please…” Chrome reached up to grasp his wrist in a vain attempt to free herself, but couldn’t do more than grip it tightly. She could only stare pleadingly into his stormy eyes.

“I know what it’s like to be unwanted. I know how it feels to be alone in the world. I know how much it fucking hurts.”

Hayato knew he should probably stop himself. He was attracting too much attention from their fellow classmates. He could even make out the Tenth’s voice in the background. It wouldn’t long until someone intervened.

“But the Tenth welcomed me into the family, just like he welcomed you. I won’t—I mean, we won’t abandon you.”

He released her chin and leaned away to give her some space. She immediately bowed her head and reached up to wipe away the tears from her face. Hayato mentally slapped himself upside the head. He knew what he did hurt more then helped. He wasn’t about to apologize, though. He meant every word. And if he ever saw that bastard again, he’d—


Startled, his eyes snapped back to look at Chrome. Her head was still bowed, but nothing could hide the small smile playing on her lips. He stared for a few moments longer and then relaxed.

Di niente, Chrome.”

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Made a brand-new blog to post my drabbles/headcanons. I’m in the mood for writing, so if you want, drop me a prompt and a pairing. Pretty sure I know who my first requester will be. *waves to Bluechu*

I’ll add a fandom/shipping list on here in a moment. XD; Gimme awhile to get everything set up here. Thank you for your patience.

My main blog is here.

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